During a visit at Krysta and Zac’s house the other day, I learned something new about my dear friends: they love to roller skate. Like really, they love it. They spend a couple of hours every Saturday at Classic Skating.  The funniest part about that is that classica skating is just down the road from our house in Orem. Zac says that he has been after Krysta to invite us, but she just didn’t want to bother us. So, this week we tagged along.
I have to admit, that I thought I would be fun, but I wasn’t expecting to totally love it! Coolest was today was Free Skating Day.
Zac, Mirah and Karen.
Mirah’s Stamp.
She wasn’t super awake yet. She wasn’t really sure about where we were.
Once she was with her dad, she was a little happier.
Then there were these lovely ladies…super cute and excited to skate!
Once we got started Mirah wanted to be a part of it. She would run into the rink and almost get hit by people skating by. Luckily Mirah has parents who are adequate skaters who have no problem carrying her while they skate. We would take turns riding her around. We started with skates. Then eventually we both shifted over to roller blades because we had more experience and were more comfortable with them.   
Then it was time to play a game of Red Light, Green Light. It was for the kids, but that didn’t stop my butter carving champion husband. The fact that he had over 20 years on most of the other participants didn’t seem to bother him a bit.
This is during a yellow light, where you have to slowly crawl towards the goal.
Karl still lost. He was beat. Mirah ran over to him ti comfort him.
A family that skates together…stays together. 🙂
Zac and Karen.
Zac, photo bombing…
Taking a break!
Tough guys!
Zac’s mom Janae was in town, and was there skating it up with us!
Mirah and I doing our aerobic routine..
She loved it, and I have to admit, I loved it too!
And pose!
and a silly one…
They sell all of these glow in the dark/ laser/ flashy items that make the skate more fun. 
Karen got a laser guitar today.
We turned in our skates and the girls played on the bouncy house for a little while while the adults tried to dry off all the sweat!

Ahh, so tired. 
We got home and Mirah passed out for a couple of hours.

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