Cascade Springs

When my little sister Krystin came to BYU-Idaho, I had lots of advice for her. One of the best ones was, “Make friends with the locals. They know where all the cool things in the area to do are, and they always seem to have cars. I haven’t really taken that advice until this week about Provo/Orem area. I have had friends from the area before, but I guess since my mom is what I would consider a local, I never thought to ask. While cleaning apartments the other day, I asked my friend and coworker Sydney about what she thought the best local hot spots are. She is a born and raised Lindon-ite, and she gave me a list of her favorite places to go. One of which was the simple walks of Cascade Springs. We decided to make to drive up the Alpine loop and see them for ourselves. We decided to invite the Reddoch family to tag along too. We love to drive up the Alpine loop. Summertime in the mountains is magical.
I couldn’t get the settings on my camera right. This one’s for you mom. Not a great shot of the back of Timp.
The Aspen’s were covered in green leaves and there were thick ferns  across the forest floor.
As we neared the “summit” and the turn off to the springs, the view from our car was spectacular.

It was then we heard frantic honking from behind us. Betsy and Nick who had been right behind us the whole drive were nowhere to be seen. We turned around and they were pulled over. Everyone but nick was having car sickness, and Judah had just thrown up.
Here are the boys after getting cleaned up.
I have never had that problem before. I felt terrible. Nick had to take it extra carefully as they went on, but no more vomit for the rest of the trip, thankfully.
We tried to keep it upbeat, we stopped for a minute at an overlook, hoping that a little break would help.
Unfortunatly right as we got back in our car this sign appeared…but as I said, no more sickness.
We arrived!

Stopping to check the trail. 
Nick and Judah exploring.
Crossing a bridge or two on the way.

Such a neat walk. 

This plaque promised a brown trout, that Karl was determined to see, but sadly never did.

Despite Mirah’s yawn here, she was really having a blast.
The boys were LOVING it. Despite their bouts of car sickness, they seemed unshaken and ready to run. 
Asher posing on a log.

Explaining to Ash that he was about to do just what the sign was saying her shouldn’t do.
Judah, identifying a plant. He said, “eww”
Reading plaques. 

There were benches all over the place. We tried to get the kids to sit together for a pic…


Right as Judah kick Mirah off…unintentionally of course. 

We walked the looks, and made our way out.
The light had changed, and the view home, down the other way were also beautiful.

We even saw a deer!

Just before this we actually also say a moose! It was huge, and pretty far off the road. We drove past before I could take a picture. 🙂

Stopped at Chick Fil A for dinner, and then home again.
Great place. As long as you have a good stomach for the drive, an Alpine loop must see.

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