Pioneer Day

I had a day off! Pioneer Day!
How did I celbrate? By getting myself and my baby up at the break of dawn to run in a 5k!
It was called the Temple to Temple 5k. It was put on by a few of the Provo area stakes. It’s goal? To promote family history and temple attendance. It was free, unless you got a tshirt, and then I think it was just the cost of the shirt.
It started at the Provo Temple, and went down to the Provo City Center Temple.
We started on the North East Corner of the Provo Temple.
It was so cute. Becasue it was free we saw SO many little kids. By far the most kids I have ever seen at a 5k.
Betsy was my running partner. 
And of course there is lady Mirah along for the ride.
It was super well attended. 
An email we got the day before the race said that there would be over 3,000 people running. And those were just the people registered. 
Now, when I say run, I really mean walk. We ran down the first hill, and then any time we were trying to get past a particularly slow group of people. We ran down Stadium past the MTC and then of course the Stadium. 
The race volunteers were the Missionaries serving in the Provo mission.
Along the run there were landmarks that the Pioneers passes as they crossed the plains. 
Like this one:
Which was right next to an important landmark for us too.
There was also Chimney Rock, Martin’s cove and others.
People ran with shirts with their ancestor’s names on them, pictures pinned to their backs, and I was just welling up at every turn. Seriously, I was crying and running. It was hard to do.
The finish line was on the steps of the Provo courthouse, across the street from the construction site of the new Provo City Center Temple. 
After the run, there was a pancake breakfast put on by Betsy’s stake. 
It was delicious. 
Mirah and I went home for a nap, then out to lunch with Karl. 
When Karl was off of work, we headed over to Nitsy’s place to go on a ride.
The kids…

Betsy said, “don’t forget Judah!”
We biked over to to Winger’s and had a very slow and crazy dinner.

We had to feed the kids out of my snack bag to keep them calm. 
The evening was cool and the ride was fun. 
Happy Pioneer Day!

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