Famers Market

While Mom and Maryn were in town we did lost of things together.
One of the funnest things we did was go to the SLC farmers market. We have heard about it for years, but since we have such a great one here in Provo we never seem to make it all the way up there. Well, this thing was ENORMOUS compared to Provo’s! 
Dancing and digging for bargains.
Karl and Mirah. 
Me and Mom…
Eyes closed…
That’s better. 
There were little kids playing instruments all over the place.
At first we just walked around.
There was fruit and bread everywhere. 
Karl was having a super time…not really. But he is always a sport. Plus he doesn’t want to be left behind.
Right after trying some hummus. 
We had been there almost two hours, when Mirah was in the need of some distracting. 
Karl could have put out a violin case and made some money with his baby acrobatics.
Plus it put Mirah in a better mood. 
Mirah and Maryn. 
As we headed out Karl noticed something awesome on the ground.
Mirah liked it too. 
After the market we headed over to see Cameron and Kelly. Mirah really only had eyes for one, person.
They played so cutely together.
Luther was over it before Mirah was done playing. 
She couldn’t tell.

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