Luke’s First Day of Preschool: 2019

Get ready for the cute!!!

IMG_4008.JPG IMG_4007.JPG
IMG_4005.JPG IMG_4006.JPG
IMG_4011.JPG IMG_4011.JPG
IMG_4010.JPG IMG_4012.JPG


IMG_4013.JPG IMG_4014.JPG IMG_4009.JPG


IMG_4015.JPG IMG_4016.JPG
IMG_4017.JPG IMG_4018.JPG


IMG_4019.JPG IMG_4020.JPG IMG_4021.JPG
IMG_4022.JPG IMG_4023.JPG IMG_4019-ANIMATION.gif


IMG_4024.JPG IMG_4025.JPG IMG_4026.JPG
IMG_4027.JPG IMG_4028.JPG IMG_4029.JPG
IMG_4030.JPG IMG_4031.JPG
IMG_4032.JPG IMG_4033.JPG
IMG_4034.JPG IMG_4035.JPG

Ahhhh, I love them so much. I had to physically wrestle Lucas into this outfit today. He wants to wear long sleeves and sweaters everyday, no matter HOW hot it is. We went to the store and picked this shirt SPECIAL for the first day of school, but when it came down to putting it on in the morning, he cried and said, “I want to wear it, but I want it to have long sleeves!” I was able to get him to get dressed.

Here they are dropping Mirah at the bus stop!

IMG_4038.JPG IMG_4039.JPG

Walking in, feeling nervous.

IMG_4040.JPG IMG_4041.JPG IMG_4042.JPG
IMG_4043.JPG IMG_4044.JPG

Then feeling totally happy and fine, unable to say goodbye to me.

IMG_4045.JPG IMG_4046.JPG IMG_4047.JPG

Quick shot with his teachers:

IMG_4049.JPG IMG_4048.JPG

He was happy to see me at the end of the day, and it was funny trying to get details out of him:



He loved it.

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