Lowes Extreme Air Sports

I have been STRESSED this week. PTA, work, with a meeting this week, I have been SO stressed.

IMG_3968.JPG IMG_3971.JPG

It was the day before Luke starts school too, so things were tense. So how better to de-stress than to jump it out at Lowe’s Extreme Air Sports!

IMG_3975.JPG IMG_3976.JPG

We met up with Krysta and Karen who live just a few blocks away.

IMG_3978.JPG IMG_3979.JPG


IMG_3973.JPG IMG_3974.JPG



IMG_3980.JPG IMG_3981.JPG

Karen trying to do a back flip, Mirah trying to do a front flip.

Lucas getting sweaty, and having fun with Krysta.

IMG_3986.JPG IMG_3988.JPG
IMG_3989.JPG IMG_3990.JPG

My kids, saying goodbye.

IMG_3992.JPG IMG_3994.JPG IMG_3995.JPG IMG_3996.JPG
IMG_3998.JPG IMG_3997.JPG IMG_4002.JPG IMG_4003.JPG

Here’s to more fun after school!

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