Summer Time Visitors

It has now been almost two weeks since my mom left me, I have been super busy and then super sick since then. Today I am feeling better than I have in a week and Mirah is napping, so I have time to blog.
My mom had been in town for a week when Karl’s mom arrived in town. 
Two mom’s in town! Too much fun!
Lynnelle came over to use my sewing machine for quilts she was making for Judah and Asher. 
My mom and I had projects to work on too, like cutting quilt squares for Chelsea to have people sign on her mission. 
Something amazing happened one day when I was waiting for my mom to come back from Salt Lake. She brought me a surprise in the form of my favorite big sister, MARYN!
Mirah and Maryn together again. 
Bonding over a glass of water.
And of course crackers. They both love crackers.
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Maryn and I are cut from very similar cloth. We see a baby’s face, we have to kiss it. Mirah is very tolerant of such women who are overcome by her cuteness. Maryn, however leaves her mark with ruby red lipstick. 
It was a really great week together. 
The trick is that between my work and the fact that Cameron lives a full hour away we spent a few nights apart during their stay. But they could never stay away too long. More on our adventures later.
While Lynnelle was in town we spent a lot of time over at Betsy and Nick’s place. 
One such night the kids spinning on a chair.
They are all getting so big!
Right after my mom left, and right before Karl’s dad got into town, while Lynelle was in Logan…
we saw some of our other family. The Whitmores! Karl’s work rented out Seven Peaks Water Park for an evening and they came with us. It was good times. We had Goodwood Catered in, Hokulia (the place we went for dessert on my birthday and consequently my favorite shaved ice place in town) Shaved Ice was there with all the Shave Ice we could want. 

Karl’s Dad rolled into town and Mirah found another friend. They read Hop on Pop about ten times.
We are so lucky to have so much family that love us so much. Thank you all for coming! It was so great to be together! We love you!!!

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