Labor Day 2019

I feel tired just remembering this long day. It started pretty early. Malia sent me these pictures of the girls and Judah making our desert for the BBQ early that morning.




We all met up at the Lindon pool. It was OVERRUN with people, but we didn’t mind. I forgot my waterproof phone bag, so no cute pictures of the day! Just these of us during a break in the middle.

IMG_3867.JPG IMG_3870.JPG


IMG_3872.JPG IMG_3873.JPG

Roise, explaining how to swim.

IMG_3874.JPG IMG_3875.JPG IMG_3876.JPG

Malia, taking a break.


Asher showing me his wrinkled hands, I think the kids had a great time.


Back at our house the BBQ was in full swing.

IMG_3900.JPG IMG_3901.JPG
IMG_3903.JPG IMG_3902.JPG
IMG_3905.JPG IMG_3904.JPG



IMG_3909.JPG IMG_3910.JPG
IMG_3911.JPG IMG_3911.JPG
IMG_3914.JPG IMG_3913.JPG

Karl was the grill master. I love him. He unfortunately got a really bad burn on his hand, which really messed him up the rest of the day.

IMG_3915.JPG IMG_3917.JPG
IMG_3918.JPG IMG_3919.JPG

The kids did a lot of playing, they even attempted Catan Junior. And the grown ups did a lot of chilling and talking.

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