Changing Appearances, Karen and Me too!

After talking about it all summer, Karen got the courage and shaved the side of her head! It looks so radical, and she looks so grown up!


Baby Karen is turning into a lady!!

IMG_3822.JPG IMG_3823.JPG
IMG_3825.JPG IMG_3826.JPG

On the coat tails of Karen’s big change, I got a new, old pair of glasses. I had bought them as sunglasses, but decided I liked them better for my every days.


I sent this picture to the family, and Adam said I looked like Doug Fabrizio, a local radio reporter.

A67D4805-5EE4-429C-BBC5-6F8A7D7ADFA8-3270-0000024AADB828BA.jpg CBA6BAC1-60B0-430A-A0ED-596AEC10175F-3270-0000024ACEB55EF2.jpg

To add to the happy, Karl brought me these today. He does love me.


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