Lady Date

With Mirah is school I am alone with this little Emo baby all day. He is DESPERATE to get back to school, and is a demanding little tyerant these days. BUT man, what a cutie, right? I have to admit, that despite the fact he takes everything, we are having so much fun just the two of us. The days of us together at home are ending, I have fewer ahead than I do behind, and I know I will miss them.


SO, when the chance to go out on a lady date with my dearest love Krysta comes up, I JUMP at the chance to be a person, not just a mom.

She took me to a new sushi place she knew, and the had delicious boba smoothies.

IMG_3813.JPG IMG_3814.JPG

After a sushi dinner, we went to see The Farewell, and laughed and cried, and just loved it.

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