The Zoo-Third Times the Charm

Round three, FIGHT!
We took a chance, and it paid off! 
We made it to the zoo! At long last. We have been trying to get there ever since Mirah’s birthday in May. The funnest part was that my mom got to come with us.
Before the zoo we met of with Cameron and Kelly for breakfast at The Park Cafe. Great food, and fun to be together.
 I stress really easily these days, so after one minor melt down, that ended in mom and me hugging on a bench in front of the Conservation Carousel  everything went great!
Here is mom and Mirah, in front of some sleeping Rhinos.We we saw these two dozing  we were worried that it meant we had arrived at the time of the day when the animals were sleeping. 
 Grammy Wendy and Mirah with the Rhino statue. 
 Our turn! Aren’t we cute? Karl is getting so skinny!
 We stumbled upon this little beauty. An arie. (A word I only know because it is the name of my high school year book. If you don’t know, that is the name for an eagles nest. Go Eagles!)
 Unsure at first, Mirah got used to it and had fun sitting in it. 
 Then we got to see real eagles. This was Mirah’s reaction: signing and saying “bird, bird, big bird!” 
Yes, two word sentences. Pretty impressive. 😉
 Here she is signing with her dad. 
 They really do have huge talons!
 We later came to the river otter exhibit, and Mirah pressed up against the glass as the little critters swam quickly by. 
 There were several exhibits that had under water viewing areas. 
Probably one of the coolest shows of the day was the Polar Bear. 
 He came right up to the glass and said hello!
 He kept swiming back and forth, Mirah loved it.
 We even got a few chances for our shot.
 This area has some cool under, underwater viewing spots that we checked out. 
Karl and Mirah. So cute. She looks so grown up in these pictures.
 Under water this bear was looking great!
 Mirah was a little too distracted to look at the camera.
 Mom was in charge of the stroller, so she stayed up above, looking on, but still with quite a view!
He eventually tired of his swim, and got out for a nap.
We went over to see the Grizzly Bear’s next, and they were also putting on quite the show!
A zoo keeper was there telling us all about them. This is a brother and sister bear that were fighting. 
There were a couple of different promotions going on at the zoo that day. One was Cache Valley Cheese was there giving away grilled cheese sandwiches, coupons and shirts. 
 Here is Mirah getting down on her free bit!
 Another thing going on was Lego art throughout the park of many animals. Here are a few we stopped at:
Polar Bear, of course. 
Up near the top of the park we found these cute little penguins.
And these peek a boo orangutan and gorillas. 
Mirah thought it was HILARIOUS. 

The giraffs are always an amazing stop. Their is a baby there this year! I don’t know for sure, but I feel like she is a girl. Mama and Baby.
Baby, Mom, and Grandma.
 There was a sleeping tiger.
 Trotting Ostriches. They are building a huge Africa area so many animals are in areas that are not easily viewed.
 I know she has seen them before, but she LOVED the goats. 

Then there was the Gorilla. 
He was being so funny. 
 He was the first animal Mirah wasn’t really very sure about. Even though he was just sitting there. 
 Measuring up!
The orangutan climbing high!
 Another one of ours and Mirah’s favorites, the Peacock. 
 Little Zuri the elephant was no where to be see that day. I wonder if she is already all grown up.
Mirah and her dad.

We stopped over for some dippin’ dots and some drinks before we made our final stop…
Mirah see here gulping down whatever is inside this polar bear shaped squirt bottle. It was so sweet. It kind of burned the back of my throat.
 She loved it.
As the show was beging, she was getting grumpy and tired. 

Grammy Wendy to the rescue! She let her play with a little pouch from her purse, as well as the new bracelet she bought at the festival. 

The show was, as ever, spectacular!

Last shot for the gang!
 Great day at the zoo!

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