Independence Day

First of all…my wonderful mother is town. Because of my work, I haven’t had much chance to take days off of work. So we have been doing a lot of talking, a lot of laughing, and a lot of Big Bang Theory. It has been nice to simply be together. However, it was super cool to be able to be off of work on the 4th of July. 

Karl was off too. We planned on going to see the hot air balloons in Provo. The weather was super windy and rainy when we were getting ready to head out. We figured that the event would be canceled, so we slept in a little. We were out and ready to go before 10. We waited for my mom to get ready outside. Mirah loves to smell the roses with her dad. 
Me and Mirah. Mirah in a new outfit from her Grammy Wendy and me with a new necklace from the lovely and talented Leah.

We went to Kneaders for breakfast. We got the french toast. The place was packed and loud, so we ate and got out of there. We headed down to provo. We thought the parade would have been over by then, it was almost 11. The traffic was nuts and the parking even worse. We parked at Betsy and Nick’ and barley there. We had to ask them to move up in their driveway so we could fit, because all the street parking was already taken. 

Here is the little girl, all ready to go. In her new hat from Grammy.

We tried to get over the festival area. The parade was still going on. It was cool to see the end of it. Despite the crowd…it was awful. We made it over to the booths, but it was so crowded we could barley get through. We looked around a little but decided to head back.
Here are Mirah and Mom.
We went out to lunch at Cafe 300.
Here are the two of them getting into the car. 
Mirah really wanted Grandma’s soda.
At the restaurant we sat down and got the food for the kids.
Mirah loves her Grandma, don’t they make a cute pair?


The boys were having a ball.


Mirah and her dad, with her lovely Aunt Betsy!
We had tri tip salads, fresh breaded chicken strips for the kids, and even a pastrami sandwich.  

We took a rest in the afternoon for Mirah’s nap and to get out of the heat.
After we rested a bit, we headed back down to Provo. 
We dropped Karl and Mirah at Nitsy’s. Mom, Betsy and I went by the Street festival. There was lots of cool stuff, yummy food and things going on as usual.

When we got back…

The wonderful Karl had made dinner for everyone. 
Mirah was ready to eat!
At dinner my mom made the observation that Mirah and Judah could really pass as siblings. 
What do you think?
I think she is right. They are both so SUPER cute.
Speaking of cute???
And now as a family after dinner.
We set off some fireworks.
The kids didn’t love them.
Seriously, they didn’t love it.
Here is Mirah and my mom. Tyring to be comforting and not really succeeding. 

Then we decided to take a few together.


We were meeting up with Cameron and Kelly to see some fireworks at Qualtrics. One of the his coworkers acquired some less than Utah legal (aka Wyoming) fireworks. There were TONS of them.  And they were actually pretty spectacular.
Our little group. 
It was really late at this point, and Mirah was getting tired. 
Plus at in our location we were being showered with ash. My family was not into that. 
Karl had no problem. 
We were all feeling a little tired.
As our show ended, the Stadium of Fire began, and we were able to watch much of it from the Qualtrics parking lot. It was the end of a long day. We drove home with the windows down with the smell of smoke and burnt gun powder floating in from the cool night air.

It is good to be an American. Happy to be so bless in so many ways!

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