Still Lonely, But Luckily Never Actually Alone

Last night was rough. And the fact that I am blogging for a fourth time in a matter of 2 days is also an indicator that I don’t have other things to currently occupy my time.
Well actually, work has been CRAZY today. My boss has called me at least 7 times today, and came over for what unintentionally became an hour. We got busy fixing the apartment listings, and discussing a few issues like the millions of work orders I have received about swamp coolers that apparently are not working. It was 102 today, and it was like a heat induced prison riot today. Ok, not that bad, but there were a lot of whiney people today. I don’t blame them mind you, I would be miserable if my swamp cooler wasn’t doing her job, but it sucks being the one who gets to tell them all the maintenance crew is on a retreat for the weekend and we wont get to it until Monday. Especially since temperature is forecast over 100 degrees for the next week.
Today when I got a little box in the mail, it will be understandable that it literally brought tears to my eyes, and water to my mouth. 
The gift was from my mom. The shipping cost was double the price of the cookies. Even so, this fact was only the first reason for my enormous gratitude to my mother.   Additionally, these were the cookies of my mission. Something I haven’t had since 2006. They were the snack my trainer bought for us every thursday night in order to have them to get us through companionship planning. They were the cookies we bought to eat during district meeting  They were on sale in every tiny market, and by street children trying to make money. They are Biskrem. With a soft lightly hazel flavored short bread cookie filled with gooey chocolate… they are heavenly.  I probably ate two-three bags a week. (That’s a conservative estimate.)We just walked SO much that I burned them all off. I am off track. Anyway, the coolest thing about getting them today, is that I had plans this evening with my lovely mission companion Motra Cox, or Krysta Whitmore! 
Like many missionaries in Albania, she loved these Turkish made cookie. She has tried to find similar cookies in the states, but they are just not quite the same. I was excited to partake in the goodness and you can imagine my added enthusiasm at sharing them with a mission friend.
Tonight we were going to attempt to go and see Despicable Me 2, but since it doesn’t come to theaters until next week, we had to changed our plans. In the end, we decided to watch the orignal Despicable Me. Krysta the amazing also made chocolate covered strawberries, and lets just say, Mirah was a fan. 
 She is also a fan of her Lap Pup. It was a gift that her Grandpa Pipkin gave her at Christmas time. She sings along with the “ABC’s”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and a weird song called, “I Like to Play.” Well I assume that’s the name since half of the words in the song are “I like to play.”
 She loves the buttons.
She is also a SUPER FAN of all things Zac Whitmore. From any food he is trying to eat, to his beard, to his hat that she repeatedly tried on tonight, she LOVES him. When he is around, I can’t get so much as a sideways glance from her. 
Here she is later, using his face to help her get up to another person she is a big fan of, Karen. 
 Karen likes Mirah. Still, you can tell she doesn’t like when Mirah climbs all over her, pulls her braids, and sits on her face. Yes, all of those things happened tonight. 
(Karen just got home form her Grandparent’s house. They made these tie dye shirts…SO CUTE!)
Looking seriously SO grown up.

Mirah and Karen watching the movie together. 
I think it is alway important to note that Mirah is a huge fan of Krysta too. You can tell there is so much love and admiration on her part by all the strawberry and chocolate that she left on Krysta’s cloths after giving her a long face plant hug. 
It was pretty awesome to have a full house of friends, who really are more like family. 
Also, Despicable Me, is a really funny movie. Steve Carrel and Jason Segal really kill it. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it. You are in for a treat. 

Here’s hoping that despite and early appointment tomorrow morning that my lonely Saturday will be just as wonderful as tonight!

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