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So, this is a post I have been wanting to do for a while. Church recently has be a NIGHTMARE. My little Mirah, who I just love with all of my heart, is a BAT CRAZY MONSTER at church. She wants to run and crawl under all of the benches, climb up the stairs that go up to the stand, play the organ foot pedals, and dig out food from all other mother’s bags in the church. If there is a bag on the floor, she wants to see what is into it. Between the food we bring to keep her insaciable appetite in check and the toys we pack along to try and keep her occupied things are getting a little heavy.  
More than that really, I just need more to occupy her hands.  Karl and I bought all the stuff to make a quiet book back when we were making Mirah’s texture blanket. 
Now we were really hurting for a quiet book. Tons of fabric, lots of felt and flannel, and about 15 hours later and here she is:
I will go page by page. 
This opening page is a wallet page. I got the idea from my friend and coworker Chelsea. She a has a book like this for her son Cormac, and I thought Mirah would like this page. She loves to carry around all of my credit cards and put them in and take them out of my wallet.

Here is finally a use for all of our old ID cards! 

Here is a funny note. Mirah was getting really frustrated with me. She wanted to play with the book while I was taking pictures. She had just started on a sweet pea from the garden.

 The next set of pages are the tic-tac-toe pages! 
For  now these are mostly for me and Karl. 
 I am particularly proud of my work on these pages. Mirah likes the Velcro. She likes to stick and unstick the pieces. 

Next, it’s time to eat!
 Inside the fridge…
 Next, counting and snapping.

Next, getting Dressed!
Mirah has learned the word Shirt from this. 
 I am still making different articles of clothing. I am just pooped out right now. I am making a couple of dresses and some more shirts. 
An example of her cloths. 
 Next, a laptop page. 
Conceived, designed and executed completely by Karl. 
 Mirah couldn’t wait for me to take my picture. 
 The screen is a pocket with little programing words and emoticons. 
Next, Mr. Potato Head
I got this idea from the internet. 
 Mirah likes all the little parts. 
 Mirah wouldn’t let me build him all the way. Every time I would get him all put together she would pull all the parts off. 
 Trying to make the ear stick to her face. 
 Taking all the parts off again. 
 Trying to get the shoes on her feet. 
We are working on stop, wait and go signs. So thought this would be a useful page. 
Finally there is a page where we keep her crayons. 

We are working on NOT eating them.
Again, she likes to hold as many in her hands at once as is possible. 

 I have a little book I bought somewhere for a couple of dollars. I let her draw in it. She does best with markers, pencils and pens because you have to apply less pressure on them to get a mark. 
 She can only do scribbles right now, but she is doing well about holding the crayons. 
She likes to sit on the cases and color.

The last use for the quiet book…

A little lap blanket. 
We took it to church last week and it really helped for sacrament meeting. It was still hard by the second hour. I am hoping when our time changes in January, we won’t have to make her miss a nap. Ugh. 

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  1. A-FREAKING-MAZING!!!! How did you do it? I love every page! Was it hard to do? It looks time consuming for sure but definitely fabulous and must be worth it! I've got to make one!!!

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