Garden Update!

So as impressive as I know you think that my little garden is, I am posting this mostly for me. You see, every time I  plant my garden I always forget when exactly when things start to bud, blossom and bloom. Ok, I got a little carried away with that aliteration. I like to blog about the garden to see about when I should expect things to happen in the garden. 
So now at the end of June 2013, here she is!
One fun thing about my garden this year is that I have had some wild flowers blooming. I have some yellow blooms, and then another little plant of bright orange. 
 While on the topic of flowers, my alyssum is filling in the front of the garden. 
 My last note on flowers is my potted plants. 
I finally broke down and bought a lavender plant, and it is doing great. Then there is my pot of Magic Carpet Petunias. It is THRIVING. 

One thing I have never had success with is herbs. I have planed seeds several times, so I finally bought a small basil plant a couple of weeks ago. It has doubled in size and smells delicious!

Now, then there are my veggies. 
My tomato plants are heavy laden with green tomatoes. There are however a few little pops of red here and there. We have been eating cherry tomatoes off of that plant for weeks now and I picked my first big tomato from my Early Girl plant. 
 My row of potatoes have grown much taller then my tomato plants! 
 My green beans struggled in the beginning to get going. But, my plants are full of blossoms and are looking great.  
 My two rows of cucumbers have almost filled the whole bed. 
 They are even spreading into my row of carrots. 
 The plants that are producing the most right now are my sweet peas!
Loads of blossoms, and tons of beans to eat every day. This is a great time of year. Once this set of peas is done growing, I will pull them up and replant. Probably in a few weeks. Krysta and I always talked about doing this, so this year I want to. 
It is a lovely little garden. I have some other plants in another bed that aren’t doing as well. They don’t get very much sun, and the weeds in that bed are completely out of control. I am not sure what I would do differently next year. I have a little mound of flowers on one end of the garden. I am thinking that next year I want to pull all of that out and plant my squash there. I am also a bit nervous about harvesting my potatoes. The original plan was to use an urban gardening trick of planting them in a stack of tires. It makes harvesting much easier. They are doing so well in that spot I wonder how hard the harvest will be. We will see.

One thought on “Garden Update!

  1. Gorgeous! 3 of my 4 tomato plants have green tomatoes, and my cucumbers have flowers. Like I said before, the only herb that came up from seed is cilantro. I can't believe what a great production you're getting out of a small space. You are my garden hero! I can't wait to dine out of your garden!!

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