Korin Beackstead and Noah Jonshon Get Married

Saturday evening we went to Mirah’s Piano teacher’s wedding.

IMG_4474.JPG IMG_4476.JPG

It was a LOVELY night, and we had a really nice time. Korin’s mom, Kristin, serves as the Primary president in our ward, and I am SO lucky to serve with her. This is her husband Ryan. He may not have been featured on the blog yet. He is basically the best. He is one of the most loving and kind people I have ever met.

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And here is KORIN! We moved into the ward when she was finishing high school. I met and knew her before I ever knew her mom. She was on the volley ball and basketball teams when I served at the Young Women’s sports coach. Now she is Mirah’s piano teacher. Now she is married. What a beautiful bride. Her Grandma found her dress at DI for 20 bucks.


The reception was in the grooms parents back yard.

IMG_4486.JPG IMG_4487.JPG

There was a cheese cake bar, and a trail mix bar. All home made and very good. The trail mix, not the cheese cake.

IMG_4484.JPG IMG_4490.JPG

Kristin even had a kids area, which was basically the best thing I had ever seen at a wedding.

IMG_4492.JPG IMG_4494.JPG

They had a horse drawn carriage, that acted as a shuttle to and from cars. Lucas and I took a ride back to the car together, while Karl and Mirah got a second helping of trail mix.

IMG_4495.JPG IMG_4497.JPG IMG_4496.JPG

The horsey’s name was Autumn, and she was-flatulating.

IMG_4498.JPG IMG_4499.JPG

I really nice evening. I wonder if my kids will ever get married.

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