Sunday Mornings: Great British Baking Show

So the new season of the Great British Baking Show has started again, and as a fun Sunday Morning activity, that is becoming a fun tradition, we are watching it together as we get ready for church, or rather before we get ready for church. Here we all are in varied states of dress.

IMG_4532.JPG IMG_4533.JPG

The new season is just delightful. Still quiet, and pretty, and educational, and funny. I LOVE Noel, and Prue, and Sandy, and Paul. They are so much fun to watch.


One person who is extra funny to watch is Stephanie, a woman whose aesthetic is Halloween. All of her bakes are Halloween themed, and she dresses very Halloween.

IMG_4534.JPG IMG_4538.JPG

Lucas had a comment today: “It’s not Halloween, its Bread Week!” He just said it, and it cracked me and Karl up, I made him re-say it for the camera, and he just didn’t get why it was funny.

hahaha I love these kids.

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