Malia’s Family Birthday Party

Sweet Malia had a birthday!  We were thrilled to celbrate with her. She always runs away for her birthday, but this year we were able to get her to stay! We made dinner for her, and the meal she requested?

Quick and Easy Lasagna.

IMG_4745.JPG IMG_4744.JPG

It was an old Hite Family standard, for their especially poor days. When I texted Jim for the recipe this is what he said:

” I recall it being Mac n Cheese with meat sauce, mozzarella and cottage cheese. Two or three boxes. But in reality most of the kids scarfed Stouffers lasagna best. But, if you want what I served make the Mac with added mozzarella then layer Mac cottage cheese and meet sauce. Bon Appetite!”

Betsy’s note was that she doesn’t really love these old “gross” versions of food. She says she has “less nostalgia for bad food.” 🙂

Betsy’s family was there, and we invited my mom and dad too.


I actually really liked it. I really like all of the ingredients. But I am more of a Joey:

The kids played in the yard until it got dark and then it was time for cake. Or rather, another Malia request, Trader Joe’s frozen Cheese cake. We used sparkler candles and the kids were all very excited.


Malia said she had this cheese cake for her farewell leaving for her mission.


IMG_4750.JPG IMG_4751.JPG IMG_4756.JPG
IMG_4757.JPG IMG_4759.JPG IMG_4761.JPG
IMG_4762.JPG IMG_4765.JPG IMG_4767.JPG



The girls sure love Malia. But really so do we all.

Very yummy!

IMG_4773.JPG IMG_4774.JPG



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