Malia’s Birthday!

Malia’s birthday!! We had done our little family celebration the night before, but then we were going to be together for a little while on her big day too. We met at Mo Betta for dinner.

The kids were thrilled to see the birthday girl!


IMG_4777.JPG IMG_4778.JPG
IMG_4781.JPG IMG_4780.JPG
IMG_4782.JPG IMG_4783.JPG

Mirah got the table all set up.


My mom brought her a card, and it came with a little sign.

IMG_4786.JPG IMG_4787.JPG

Malia’s friend Wendy brought her a box of delicious cookies too.



After dinner Karl took the kids home and Mom, Malia, Me and Wendy headed over to the movies. Malia had invited LOADS of people. We were even in the super fancy chairs.

We watched The Philadelphia Story. It was excellent.

It was a nice time to spend with Malia, celebrating together. She said she was having a “Bilbo Baggins Birthday” were she gave gifts to everyone.

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