Kite Festival-2019

EARLY Saturday morning. It was time to sleep, but we were up and ready to go, because we were going to the annual Kite Festival at Mirah’s school!

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Last year:

Cascade Kite Festival

This year, there were lots of people there. We followed the signs.

IMG_4879.JPG IMG_4880.JPG IMG_4881.JPG

Mirah found her kite!


It was in the box with her class ID number. Karl helped Lucas get his Kite made:

IMG_4884.JPG IMG_4885.JPG
IMG_4886.JPG IMG_4887.JPG
IMG_4890.JPG IMG_4889.JPG

So, Mirah figured out that the kite she had made in class had been decorated upside down. 🙁 She was very disappointed about it. At this point Mirah and I had a bed time. She got explosive, I got stern and frustrated. We were in front of other people, and I was having a hard time. We were struggling to keep it together, and we fought, and said some mean things to her. When I got home, I admit, I cried for an hour, I was so ashamed.

We eventually got her all organized, made some changes, and she got her kite all together.

IMG_4891.JPG IMG_4892.JPG


IMG_4893.JPG IMG_4894.JPG

We met up again with dad. Who was very sympathetic.


Mirah got her hot coco and donuts.

IMG_4896.JPG IMG_4897.JPG

Even Lucas got his cute kite up!

IMG_4898.JPG IMG_4899.JPG IMG_4900.JPG
IMG_4901.JPG IMG_4902.JPG IMG_4903.JPG

We ran around together.

IMG_4906.JPG IMG_4907.JPG


IMG_4908.JPG IMG_4909.JPG IMG_4911.JPG

Karl, later that day, getting his Kite on.

IMG_4916.JPG IMG_4917.JPG IMG_4918.JPG






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