Memorial Day & Family in Town

Memorial day weekend!
We rang in the weekend by getting a babysitter and going out and seeing Star Trek Into Darkness.
The next morning we were supposed to go to the Zoo again. But Mirah woke up in a pile of her sick. We hoped it was an accidental gaging. But, when she threw up somewhere near the Bangater exit she barfed all over herself me and the carseat, we gave it up and headed home.

Later that afternoon, the Hite/Reddoch gang came over.
We had a picnic BBQ in the courtyard in front of our apartment.

Mirah walking like a champ. 
The boys running around throwing balls, having a ball. 
We brought the tunnel outside.
Mirah got in too.
They were all laughing…
My garden is growing up.
While waiting for the Brats to finish on the grill, we blew up the kids pool toys.
After dinner we all headed to the pool!

After dinner the next night, we sat outside while the kids ran around.
The boys have been dealing with allergies. Then they got onto the dirt in the front yard. 

Mirah wanted to get into the action.
Asher had other ideas.
She was ok.
Memorial day morning we had breakfast at Guru’s.
Even though a kids had lots of breakfast, they just wanted the candy in machines. 
We put Mirah in the same onsie we had her in last Memorial day:
The fit has really changed.

We walked over to the Cemetery.
The day was beautiful. 

We enjoyed the day, we walked around and looked at the headstones.
Some made us cry. 
Others made us laugh. 

Some helped us rest. 
Some made us want to climb.

The boys loved the little pin wheels everywhere.

Mirah passed out.

It was a lovely day.
The group.
After our walk, the girls headed to the mall and checked out the Children’s Place sale! Mama Hite bought us some sweet stuff! Thanks!!! 
That afternoon we had a BBQ at Nitsy’s.
Mom and Dad Hite left after one more goodbye!

We went home, went on a bike ride, had dinner, went for a swim, had FHE…now we are cramming in as many episodes of the new season of Arrestred Development as we can before we go to bed.

Good times.

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