The Splash Pad: Enjoying a Dream Come True

At the end of the day today, Betsy and I were laying on the lawn watching Karl wrestle with the boys. I signed and put my face into the blanket I was laying on. I lamented, “I wish everyday were Saturday.” I guess I meant, I want more days like today. I love lazy summer days when the weather is beautiful and we are together as a family. The day started like every Saturday should, sleeping in and watching TV. Karl got up with Mirah, and let me sleep in. I have been feeling kind of crummy the past couple of days, so I think he wanted to give me a chance to rest. He is the best.

We did a few chores, played with Mirah, fed her, gave her a nap, and just hung out together. It was really nice not having anywhere to go, or to have anything to do. Betsy gave us a call around 11. She was at the Orem Target with the boys and wanted to know if she could come over. Nick is out of town working, and Betsy and the boys were keeping busy in his absence. We hung out together on the lawn in the shade under a big tree at the complex and talked about the weeks events. Betsy told us all about her business trip earlier that week, about Nick’s plans while in LA, and about the boys being sick while she was away. We chatted about how our diet is going, about how big Mirah is getting and played with lady bugs that we found in the grass. One landed on my arm, then I showed Mirah, then Asher let it crawl from me onto him, then to Betsy…it was super cute.

We decided to go to Jason’s Deli for lunch.  We got huge salads and the kids had grilled cheese and pasta. It really hit the spot. We are always really excited to find a new place with great salads. The kids did great, but they were all getting tired. We parted ways and after a quick stop at Costco, where Mirah fell asleep in my arms, we headed home.

After the kids had their naps, we met up again at the Riverwoods splash pad.

We got Mirah all dressed in her swim cloths.

Complete with her new favorite accessory, her heart shaped sun glasses.
TOTAL Tangent:
She is getting so cute and girly these days. She loves to play “hat.” It started when she found her swiming hat laying around the house. She came to me and put it on and said, “hat.” It is so cute with she enunciates her t’s. She has started saying, “what?” so cute! So, now we have started keeping a few hats in  with her toys. She loves to put them on and show us. Most of all, she loves when we tell her she is cute. She smiles and giggles. It is actually pretty funny, when we tell her things she has on are cute, it drastically increases the likelihood she will keep things on. Including her glasses, necklaces, bracelets and bows. I tell her, “You look beeeuuu-ti-ful!” (Just like my mom used to tell me.) Are we feeding her vanity and creating a little narcissist? I certainly hope not. I like to think we are bolstering her confidence and increasing her self worth.
I mean we are not lying to her. She is so stinking cute!
When we got to the Riverwoods, Betsy and the boys were waiting for us. Judah was just taking his first tentative jumps into the water. 
Mirah was a little unsure herself.
So I took her little hand in mine and we walked in together. 
The water shot up and was sometimes a little surprising. 
Mirah liked it.
Here she is asking to go back for more.
You can see her little belly button through her suit. 
Speaking of her suit…it looks like it is a popular one for this summer.
Happy kids.
Mirah wanted me to come with her as she explored heavier water.
Judah, getting wet.
Getting into it…
trying to grab the water.

Karl tapped in for a while.

Then Mirah didn’t need us anymore.

You are going to notice very little Asher in these pictures, mostly because he wasn’t super into it.
Unlike his brother. Judah was loving it. He loved to watch the water shoot up.
Where did it go??
Mirah got bolder as time went by…

Mirah soaked. Asher, dry.
Peripheral to it all. 
The wind began to pick up.
Mirah didn’t want out yet.

Then she started to get chilled. 
She whimpered and grabbed for me. She didn’t mind getting me soaking wet, as long as it meant  she got warmer. I didn’t mind either. Any excuse for good Mirah hugs.
Judah. Asher dry in the background.
As we pulled our little shivering Mirah out, Asher was still considering…so cute.
We wanted to get a picture with just the kids. 
This was the best shot we could get. Between Mirah being cold, and everything going on, the kids couldn’t be made to hold still. 
And we were over the edge.
Ten minutes of warm up hugs, a change of diaper and cloths, Mirah was doing much better.
She loves this hat. Thanks Grandma Neal!

I mean look at her! She is CUTE!

We shopped around a little, then made our way over to our apartment for dinner. We grilled up some burgers and had a little picnic with the kids. It was a  little tough getting them all fed, and keeping them all in the safe zone but we were a one on one defense, so we handled it just fine.

It was after dinner when I had my moment in the grass. Mirah and the boys were a ways down the lawn, and Karl was trying to head them back to our picnic before they escaped into the dangerous parking lot.

It was a great day. Karl’s dad mentioned that our lives seemed a little less adventurous these days. Maybe so. Still, I love slow and easy days like this. I mentioned to Betsy while we sat and watched the kids run around at the splash pad, that I had been waiting a long time for the day that I would have my very own kid to bring to a splash pad. Yes, I have a dream of one day seeing the Pyramids along the nile, and less than a year ago we watched the suset on a tropic isle. Today, was a dream day, and a dream come true. Here is to more lazy Saturdays to come. 

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