Fire Station with Luke’s Preschool

So it was that time of  year again, time for Lucas’s class to go to the fire station. This time we went on a day where they have a community expo! It was COLD and WINDY. (This was taken when I left Mirah’s school after dropping off cash boxes for the book fair)


By the time I met the class at the fire station it was sunny, but still very cold.

IMG_5324.JPG IMG_5327.JPG

Lucas was excited.


Luke’s “buddies” for the event were Leo and Seth. They will be in all of our photos. It was crazy. From the CPR dummy, we went to the egg demo. Wear a seat belt and a helmet!

IMG_5332.JPG IMG_5334.JPG IMG_5336.JPG
IMG_5337.JPG IMG_5338.JPG

Then the kids got helmets and sun glasses.

IMG_5340.JPG IMG_5341.JPG
IMG_5339.JPG IMG_5352.JPG

Next we got cotton candy and pop corn.



IMG_5365.JPG IMG_5361.JPG

Then they got to get on a real life fire truck!

Here are some of the kids in his class. Lucas was upset because he wanted more cotton candy.

IMG_5367.JPG IMG_5368.JPG
IMG_5369.JPG IMG_5370.JPG
IMG_5371.JPG IMG_5372.JPG

I gave him mine, that stopped it. Punk.

IMG_5374.JPG IMG_5376.JPG
IMG_5377.JPG IMG_5379.JPG

Then we went to a demo of the fire men cutting up a car!


IMG_5387.JPG IMG_5388.JPG

Lucas, Leo, Abram, and Seth.

IMG_5380.JPG IMG_5381.JPG
IMG_5382.JPG IMG_5383.JPG

It was so loud and windy and crowed, and cold, I was pretty ready to leave at every moment.

IMG_5384.JPG IMG_5389.JPG

There was really loud sounds.



IMG_5391.JPG IMG_5392.JPG IMG_5393.JPG
IMG_5394.JPG IMG_5399.JPG IMG_5401.JPG
IMG_5397.JPG IMG_5395.JPG IMG_5398.JPG

The jaws of life


Lucas got to meet a real fireman.

IMG_5404.JPG IMG_5405.JPG


Then we learned about fire extinguishers, with our volunteer, Ms Vicki!

IMG_5406.JPG IMG_5407.JPG

She got to wear real fire proof gear.

IMG_5410.JPG IMG_5411.JPG
IMG_5412.JPG IMG_5413.JPG


He lit it up.

IMG_5414.JPG IMG_5417.JPG

She put it out with low sweeping motions.

IMG_5419.JPG IMG_5420.JPG IMG_5421.JPG



IMG_5427.JPG IMG_5428.JPG

The boys met a service dog.

IMG_5430.JPG IMG_5431.JPG

We even saw a helicopter land!

IMG_5433.JPG IMG_5435.JPG IMG_5436.JPG IMG_5438.JPG

We were so cold, and it was really cool, but we were ready to go!

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