Lunch N Look-Fall 2019 Book Fair

It’s the book fair…and honestly now that I am the PTA treasurer I HATE the book fair. It is all work and stress and money and I hate it.

I have been going to the bank twice a day all week, and having to count money at the school too. I am just trying to have a better attitude about it all, but by the end of book fair, I am so done. I’m especially grumpy this time around because Karl has been out of town, and I am doing it all on with own WITH the kids with me.

BUT the kids love it, and I love to do things that they love.

Once during the book fair they invite the parents to come to the “Lunch n Look” an event where you take your child to the book fair, then have lunch with the kids in the cafeteria. So we went, this year WITH Lucas.


It was total chaos. We did get each of the kids a journal, a pen, and a book. PLUS we got a book for Mirah’s teacher’s room.

IMG_5442.JPG IMG_5443.JPG IMG_5444.JPG

Then we lined up with Mirah’s class for lunch.

IMG_5447.JPG IMG_5446.JPG IMG_5448.JPG

It was a high stress situation for Lucas with all of those cool older kids. Mirah told him that when they got to the tray area that it was a “quiet zone.” When older kids started talking to him, bossing him around, he was SO upset that they were talking in the quiet zone he BURST into tears. I was able to calm him down long enough for him to get some chocolate mild. Mirah and I got Mac n Cheese, Lucas got three mini Cal-zones. We got pudding, and broccoli, and veggies and apple sauce. Really a full meal. BUT was he was walking out of the kitchen, Lucas dropped his tray and his pudding spilled all over his cal-zones.

IMG_5449.JPG IMG_5450.JPG

We finally got that all cleaned up. We got sat down…

IMG_5451.JPG IMG_5452.JPG


IMG_5453.JPG IMG_5454.JPG

Look at my deluxe meal.


Then Lucas opened his apple sause, and got it all down his front.

IMG_5456.JPG IMG_5457.JPG

With no napkins, and lots of tears we eventually finished lunch. I had to do take home books for Mirah’s class before we left, so Lucas was wet and sticky until we got home an hour later. Sigh. It happened, its over.







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