Cycling Shorts 2013

It is that time of year again, BIKE WEEK. We are so withdrawn from our old Provo bike friends and Mirah was born during bike week last year, it feels like forever since we have done anything with this group. 

Krysta and Zac head up many of the Bike Week festivities. From what I understand, this is the 3rd Annual Cycling Shorts. Krysta needed some help with the A/V set up, so who did she call? Karl, of course!
Mirah can not be contained. She is walking and crawling all over the place. You can imagine that a dusty greesy bike shop is less than ideal for a little girl like that. We too off she socks since the day was warm and I didn’t want them to be ruined. I don’t know if her pants will ever be the same. But I couldn’t stop her, she was having such a ball following Karen around. 
In the end, we had to pick her up, she was just covered with dirt, but a little bit in the way. 
The “damage”
Chimney sweep feet.
She was just having too much fun.
Laughing hysterically. 
 She just loves her dad and Karen. Especailly Karen. She also ADORES Krysta, and Zac. She was waving to Krysta through out the films. It was so cute. 
While we were waiting to get started, it was a giggle fest. 
Check it out in action:
Still giggling.
I tried to get the dirt on her face, but she mostly drooled it off. 
I took the girls to the market and the show started. When I got back the place was packed. 
 We watched the clips on a big white sheet on a wall of the Collective.  The set of movies was so great this year. Lots of laughs and it was really fun. 

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