Mirah Turned One!!!

Here she is! One year old!
We got up and got right into opening presents.
We got Mirah 5 Gifts.
A big ball, a Owl baby backpack, a Brown Bear Book, a bubble wand and new towel that looks like a fox. 
Grandma Pippy sent this amazing tunnel that was there when she woke up in the morning. 
She is so smart. She unwapped all of her own presents. I shouldn’t be surprised, she has been ripping paper for 6 months. 
Playing with her bubbles.

After we dropped Karl off for work, Mirah and I went and got some silver dollar pancakes for her birthday breakfast. 
Mirah loved them. 
The rest of the day was just naps, and work at the complex.
I also made cupcakes for the night and for the Zoo the next day.
I also made a measurement board. I bought the board and painted it. When it was dry, we had Mirah stand up to it, and we marked it for her first Birthday.  29 inches. She grew almost 10 inches this year.
During the day Mirah got two more packages. 
Grandma Hite send a sweet box with toys and a couple of cute dresses. 
Grandma Neal sent some cute dresses, a book and a kitty cat doll with a book.  
She even got a card with a sweet 5 dollar bill and a card from Grandma Hite too.
Thank you so much for all of your love and generosity. 
Oh, here is Mirah in her Birthday outfit. 
Walking around.
“I am #1.” Or, I guess “I am One.”
Reminds me of another birthday girl I know.
Seriously… this was not posed at all.

Getting tired of the flash…kind of menacing. 
While Karl was finishing up dinner, we did hand and foot prints. 
Mirah hated it this time.
Mirah’s favorite things. Meatloaf and mac n cheese.
Well, this is Mirah’s. Working on using a spoon.
Then trying to through the plate…slow progress.
Oh, yeah, there was a bath in her future. 
On to dessert.

Happy Birthday?

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