Mirah’s Second Grade Parent Teacher Conference

It was a crazy day, and we were feeling nervous about it since her last conference with her terrible first grade teachers.

We arrived right on time, and Mirah was excited to show us her picture on the wall outside of her classroom.



We all went in together. We sat down, and Mirah’s teacher set this sheet in front of us:


Her Dibbles levels are incredible.


Her teacher said, “You’re a great little reader!”

Just based on some of the books she is reading, she is now able to read at a 5-6th grade level. She loves to read. We have decided not to do take home books anymore. She will just be reading books we select at home.

Math Next:

IMG_5665.JPG IMG_5666.JPG

I felt surprised her levels here were so low. This metric is more about speed than anything else. We defiantly have something to work on here. Her first grade teacher put so much pressure on her I am worried she is really anxious about these tests. I have some thinking to do about it. I sit and do math with her all of the time, and I know she knows all of these things. BUT with there is pressure for accuracy at speed, she freezes up.


She is doing great! She is such a wonderful little lady. Here is some of her writing. Her teacher had her read a few pages for us from a book, and she read all of the characters like a champ.

IMG_5662.JPG IMG_5663.JPG

These are pictures of Mirah on her birthday and of herself and Lucas playing in the back yard.

Finally we review her behavior. Her teacher asked her if she thought she would rate herself. One being naughty a lot, and 4 being well behaved and on task. Mirah sat quietly looking at the numbers for a full minute. She finally said, “I guess a 3. I am a little chatty.” Her teacher smiled, and told her, “I think you are a 4. You know you do very well. You pay attention, you answer questions, you stay in your seat. It’s okay to know that you are doing well.” Mirah loved that. So did we.

We really love her sweet teachers this year. We feel so happy that she is being taught and nurtured by such experienced thoughtful women.

We are so proud of our sweet smart good girl. She is just wonderful.

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