Mirah misses Chelsea

So I was sitting at the computer this morning, and I look down and Mirah is standing at my side. She is pointing at the screen. Tels-Tee. Huh, I realize that a picture of my little sis Chelsea is still up in a browser behind the window that I am looking at. She misses Chelsea, and now she can say Chelsea, and still won’t say mom. Yes, I am jealous. I just want to say that this is all completely unprompted, she just started doing this. So I picked her up and sat her on the table next to me. 
She was really saying Chelsea! It was nuts. I got kind of a good one in this video. I missed the really clear times she said it. 
But she kisses her, and that is so super cute.
Also mom, we weighed her today, 19+ pounds. Not too shabby, just a few more weeks and we get her to 20 pounds!

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