Chelsea’s Last Day, The MTC Drop

So as most of you know, Chelsea Pipkin is now Hermana Pipkin. We dropped her off at the MTC yesterday afternoon and I got to say, I am BEAT from the process. 
She arrived at out place on Monday afternoon. Ever since then it has been running around from here to there. We did shopping to buy last minute items, we went to the temple, we went out to eat bunches, and of course lots of driving around. Poor Mirah has been such a champ through the entire thing. 
Yesterday morning Karl decided to go into work a little late so he could spend a little extra time with Chelsea before she left. 
We went to this place we read about on a friends food blog. It is a total greasy spoon, but DANG it is good. It is Orem’s answer to Nate’s except nicer and with better food and a hilarious cook who talks to you as you eat. Joe’s Cafe. If you haven’t been, go.
Mirah and Belle as we went in.
The morning was frigid. 

Once we were seated, Mirah got to drinking some milk,
 Chelsea posed.
 My breakfast. Sausage, two eggs, grits (super good grits btw and I am usually not really into grits)
 Chelsea, a shortstack and some bacon. 
Yeah, this is a short stack.
Karl got the French toast platter.
After Breakfast, Karl and Chelsea said goodbye.
The rest of the morning was a blur. Cameron came and suprised Chelsea! He wanted to be there with her to say goodbye. Kelsey Rock came too. They have been roommate this last school year and have become close friends.
We ended up outside the MTC with a little time to spare, which was a miracle considering the traffic. We parked and took a few pictures before the official drop off. 
Mirah and Chelsea.
The Pipkins
Chelsea and Kelsey.
Cameron and Mirah, both looking a little grumpy. 

Some picture options for her plaque.
Mom, just email me and I will send you a large copy of the one you like.

 The whole thing was very efficient  Chelsea said that it was supposed to be the biggest drop off day in the MTC’s history. We drove in after waiting in traffic. All along the curb about every 15 feet or so there were numbers on poles. We were ushered in by parking attendants to the number 10 spots. Waiting all along the curb were companionships of missionaries. We parked and got out.  
These were the sisters waiting to help us.
 They help us with her bags.
Then the final goodbyes.

 Not a tear shed!
Then she was off. 
She is going to have a great mission, and be a great missionary. Love you Belle!

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