Chelsea’s Farewell

Spring has sprung in Provo/Orem.
(Mirah and Karen on BYU Campus)

The weather was beautiful today and the students are starting their mass exodus from Utah Valley. Between the dumb terrible driving students and the announcement of Google Fiber, things are about to get good in Provo/Orem. One thing that is getting a little worse for  Provo is that my lovely sister Chelsea and her beautiful sunshine is going to be leaving us here soon. Well, for a weekend, then she will be in the MTC for 6 weeks, THEN she will be leaving to go to her mission to Albuquerque New Mexico, Spanish speaking.

So, her singles ward asked her to speak this week so we all lined up to show our support and hear what she had to say.

She did so well. She gave a complex and powerfully thought out analogy about a rock climbing and the atonement, The Savior/The Father the belayers, commandments as the rope, and tons of powerful testimony about obedience and blessings. I love missionaries. She was amazing and I was so proud of her today. I wish we could have served as missionaries together. She is going to rock it out there.

After that great meeting we waited to see Chelsea, but she was surrounded by people who had come to hear her speak, and send her off on her mission. Tia, Keven and their kids came. Josh Suma was there too. Krysta and Karen came in and sat with us. Speaking of sat with us, it was so much fun to sit with my cuz, Kelsey and her old roommate, and my former coworker Lindsay. There were people from Belles study group, a handful of ex boyfriends and lots of people from Hawaii too. That isn’t even counting friends from her ward. She was hard to get to.

Parking at BYU on Sunday is rough, so we walked out to our car with Krysta, and saw this beauty.

As we were all moaning at the terrible parking job, we saw one of the funniest passive agressive notes I have ever seen. Can’t read it?

My thoughts exactly. If you can’t tell it is written on some kind of diaper or post pardom pad. Amazing.

A bunch of us met up at Belles place:

Chelsea and her roommates and some friends from the ward.
Kelsey, Belle, Angela.
The kids kept themselves occupied.

Tia and MaKenzie
She is getting so cute and cubby!
Speaking of chubby…
Belle, you are amazing, I love you. You will be missed, but also, you are going to be amazing.

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