The Lamb and Wool Festival

We set off this morning ready to have an adventure. 
Mirah has been super into animals lately. Last night she took her first steps trying to get to the animals that appear in the intro of the film The Life of Pi. She can say doggie and kitty and bird and even moo. (Which is what she says when she sees a cow.) Thanksgiving point is always having great events on the weekends. One such event I have wanted to attend for years now is the lamb and wool festival. 
Mirah and Karl were ready. We bought our tickets and we set off out onto the grounds of the Thanksgiving Point Country Farm.
It was pretty chilly this morning. Still it is spring time in Utah and the Tulips were out!
First stop was the Sheep Herding expo. Super cool!
Baa Ram Ewe!!!

Mirah was in love with the dog and the sheep, but after a while she started to loose interest. 
We moved on to something more hands on, petting rabbits. She touched the bunny’s little nose.

There were little areas with expos of what you can use wool for. 🙂 They made little balls of wool. Mirah picked up a little ball and said, “ball.” They let her keep it.

Right next door they made wool bracelets.

Mirah and I both got one. 
We then headed over to the sheep sheering booth, which was as educational as it was traumatic.
 The man showed us the sheers then grabbed the electric sheers and went for the sheeps tummy. It all was going well and was somehow super gradifying to watch all that dirty wool get buzzed off. Then, the sheep started to freak out and got clipped in the face. There was blood in the wool, on the sheep barbar’s hands and just all over.
 Here he is putting a clotting agent (for a second time) on the little lamb.
After that trauma, it was nice to come and pet a nice calm Llama.
 Then the tiniest little lamb came out and Mirah couldn’t get enough of her.
There was a goat on a leash and although she didn’t take any steps, she did love to stand and pet it.
We started to walk the grounds and saw more llamas and a little pony and peafowl and chickens and horses  and then:
After all of that excitement we jumped on the wagon ride and circled the park.

It started to get chilly, so even though Mirah was wearing tights, a pare of socks, a onesie, a pare of jeans, a fleece pull over, a wind braker and a pare of shoes, we wrapped her in blanket for good measure. 
Our family!
One more goodbye to the horses. 
We headed home by way of a car dealership…
Anxiety and excitment in Karl’s face.
I’ll just say, we came home in separate cars.
One was way better than the other.
It was a good day.

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