The Time Suck that is Sickness

As some of you may have heard:
This is an image Karl sent to his coworkers explaining why he would not be at work again with a note that said:
“Hey guys, feeling a littler better today, but still not ready for work. If all goes well I will be in for work tomorrow morning unless (the image)”
I can’t really be sure where it came from, but it came for us hard. It started a couple weeks ago when Mirah got a sudden fever. It was high and it lasted 4 days. She had no appetite and was actually totally constipated. About a week after she started with sickness everything seemed well. I had just had a wisdom tooth removed and I started to get a high fever and I felt AWFUL. I assumed it was an infection from my dental procedure. Then when Karl fell ill, I realized that I must have been wrong. 
Taking care of a baby, and Mirah and then myself while being really sick has been quite difficult. I remember there was a moment while Karl and I were laying in bed both with a fever, and I had just lost the contents of my stomach. I looked at him and said, “what does it feel like to not be sick?”
Finally we are feeling better. I have lost 10 pound and Karl about 12. The main consequence of the illnesses has been I have had to start weaning Mirah earlier than I planned. With our doctor’s permission and after a couple of months of allergy tests we have started giving Mirah whole milk. I think she likes it, althgouh she doesn’t do quite as well as with breastfeeding. 
Focus is a big issue. Also, ability to not get milk everywhere is another.
 The problem is mostly that when she does anything from eating to changing her diaper, she wants to have stuff in her hands. So it makes holding her cup difficult.
 She’s getting the hang of it.
 You know, making it look so easy. 
I am sadder than I thought I would be. It is like she needs me just a little bit less. She still breastfeeds most of the time, but slowly but surly, this time in her life, in our lives together will be over.

2 thoughts on “The Time Suck that is Sickness

  1. So sorry to hear about you having to wean Mirah early, she is adorable. But seriously you are about to welcome yourself to such a wonderful new phase (since this post is a month old I am sure you already know all about it). I was sad when I was done nursing Mikey but the independence we both gained has been so delightful, you are going to love it (not that nursing isnt great, but trust me).

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