Happy Easter 2013

For our first Easter with kids, I decided to start a new tradition:
A Easter morning treasure hunt for Easter baskets. I of course worked it all out with the Easter Bunny himself. 😉 I made the scavenger hunt, he provided the goodies.
So when we awoke this morning, and found our first clue on my night stand.
On to the laundry room.
Mirah bunny.

So on and so forth throughout the house.
There were six clues in all.
Mirah found them very amusing. 
Then we found our baskets under the stairs.

We found out that Mirah knows the word ball, when she grabbed her new ball and said, “baaa”

Also, Mirah has started this new phase where she loves to kiss everything. Karl and me of course (which we absolutely love) but she loves to kiss her reflection the most, so we got her a little mirror to play with, under close supervision of course. 

No candy, just toys like mirrors and flahslights. The closest thing she got to candy was six little boxes of rasins, which she loved and has already eat loads of. We did give her one of those chickens that you wind up and “lays” little gum eggs, but we took the gum away as soon as we let it run around a little. 
Karl was given these glasses that he thinks are super cool. I guess. 

For me? The Easter Bunny must had heard that I have had a ton of trouble with my teeth this past week and got some high performance dental brushes. 
Then of  course the first series of Avatar comics!
We got ourselves a new BBQ Grill!!!
The spring decided to surpise us and give us some beautiful tulips to celebrate the day. 
Our first fancy run. BBQ chicken with sliced hot wing chicken on top. Cooked to perfection.
Mirah was just enjoying the beautiful morning. 

We also were given these sweet new shirts. 
Church was wonderful, all about the Savior and his atonement. 
Easter is such a special day to reflect on the blessings given to us from our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I feel so blessed to have been able to make covenants with him, that help me get closer to them. 
Tonight we headed over to Nitsy’s place for dinner.
Chelsea and Mirah. 
Mirah in her beautiful Easter dress, from her Grammy Pippy. 
Soon enough we were seated for dinner.
Judah loves Easter.
The gang!
The theme was “un-kosher delights.” Ham, bacon wrapped shrimp, sea food pasta salad and funeral potatoes.  Chelsea made some awesome deviled eggs. So fulllllll.
After dinner we sat around and talked.
Mirah and the boys (baby Jack too, not shown) ran around.
Mirah let her dad spin her around in the chair. 

Happy Easter. 

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