Makenzie’s Blessing

We were invited to Makenzie Frazier’s blessing today. It was so much fun to be a part of such a wonderful occasion. 
The lady of the hour.
Such a sweet little baby. From where I was sitting she didn’t make a peep the whole blessing.  It was a really sweet blessing. The love her parents feel for her, as well as the whole family feel was apparent as her dad and other loved ones blessed her today.

Her wonderful family.
He doting dad. 
Her uncles.

Look who else was there…
The Douglas’s! They are living in SLC, and it was really so much fun to see them. 
Sister Suma and Mirah.

 The happy Grandparents! 
Lunch was so great. It was delicious Hawaiian hay stacks. 

A pervious sister missionary from the valley and her family.

Kevin and his Brother. Who apparently is single and ready to mingle. 
Chelsea and Cormac. She is one of the other managers we work with, and a friend. 
Becasue of our busy morning, Mirah missed her nap. Even after some chocolate cake, she was totally loosing it.

As we were sitting down to eat, Zeke suddenly appeared with no shirt on. Apparently he had tried to eat a suger cookie a little too quickly then puked it up onto his uncle Benji.
I think he will be ok. 

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