The Worst Easter Egg Hunt in History

It’s not the city’s fault. Not exactly. They tried, you can tell that they really tried. This is probably the worst event put on by the city I have ever attended. I can say that it is terrible parents that really ruined the event. 
The day started off early. We got up and got ready. We had a baby blessing to go to right after the Easter Egg hunt, so we had to dress up and be ready.
I even got sunscreen on Mirah. 🙂
When we got there, it was getting crowded. There was also some kind of fun run going on right near one of the only entrances to the hunt.
We got there and met Nitsy near the Easter bunny! We got some sweet pics!
 The family.
 Our little family.
 We were concerned that Mirah might hate the easter bunny. I think that it was mostly just that she never saw his face. So he just seemed like a big stuffed animal that hugged back.
Then of course there was the fire truck.
 Judah loved it. 
 Asher did not.
 Mirah was indifferent. 
 Betsy noticed it at first, Mirah looks so grown up!
 There were three areas. 7-10 year, 4-6 years, and 0-3 years.
This was us.  
 The rules that no one in the older areas followed.
Mirah just wanted to get up and go!
 While I just wanted to kiss her a million times. 
 We arrived early, and waited and waited. 
 Krysta called and said that she was in the 4-6 years section with Karen. The hunt was not going to start for another 25 minutes so I ran over to see her. While I was looking, a few kids bolted, and it was over before it even began.
 Kids were fulling their baskets as full as they could, even though it was made very clear that everyone was only allowed 5 egg. I found Krysta in the fry, and we went searching for Karen, who was allowed to go after it was clear it was now or never. When we found her, she was all alone, and had only five eggs. As she showed us her eggs, another little girl who arrived 5 minutes later (still 15 minutes before it was supposed to start) was near us crying. With a little urging from her good mother, Karen gave one of her 5 eggs to the girl. Both Krysta and I just couldn’t stop praising her for being such a good girl.
Karen Whitmore, my hero.
The girls together.
 I headed back, to find everyone pressing towards the eggs. Luckily, they hadn’t seen the other groups go, and hadn’t started. BUT older kids, who did’t belog there were lining up to go since the other groups had already come and gone. 
 It was a mad house, and I just wanted it to be over.
 The announced the start and it was craziness! 
 Mirah got her eggs.
And we practically ran out of there. 
 The worst part was there were still people trying to get in while we had to force our way out of the one opening in the gate. 
I am glad we got there early, and I will never do that again. 
Happy Easter?

2 thoughts on “The Worst Easter Egg Hunt in History

  1. Agreed! We went too, and it was waaaaay too crazy. Timmy "found" one egg because one of the "replenishment" workers dropped one right in front of him. So then I convinced the kids that picking up empty half-eggs and fitting them together was a fun game, so they still had fun. (That's making lemonade out of lemons, right?)

    I do have to say that an awesome dad and his two 7-9 year-old kids love-bombed us as we were leaving the field. They ran up and dropped half a dozen eggs in front of our kids to pick up, which was super cute and kind of them to share.

    Luckily, we had a stake hunt at the church later (which, as I'm sure you remember, involves like 20 kids–yay!). Timmy started finding eggs (because of course he's the biggest/oldest kid there), and he says, "Hey, Mom, these have candy inside!" like it was a HUGE surprise. It made me laugh a lot!

    I'm so with you. I am NEVER going to a city Easter egg hunt EVER AGAIN!

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