Mirah is the Star Student

After months of anticipation, it was FINALLY Mirah’s turn to be her class’s STAR STUDENT!!

The way it works in Mrs. Huchison’s Grade 2, is at the beginning of the week, they start to give clues about the student. We filled out at paper, all about Mirah at the beginning of the school year with lots of facts about her.


Like where she was born, how many people are in her family, the color of her eyes, and lots more. Like her favorite food is soup. And her favorite movie, at least at the beginning of the year, is My Little Pony, Movie. They spend all week trying to guess who the Star Student is. THEN on Friday morning, the big reveal! Then your parents are waiting with a poster about you in the office. And you come in and talk about your beloved child.

Karl and I spent the week with Mirah and Lucas, printing photos and making her poster. We dutifully arrived on Friday morning to tell Mirah’s class all about her.


Mirah says that by Thursday everyone had figured out it was her. A boy named Griffin guessed it first.

So Karl, myself, and Mirah (Lucas was at school) showed her class her board. Dad told the class that he loved that Mirah has always been a GREAT conversationalist, since she was really little, like ONE.

I told the class, I loved how Mirah was an engineer, and how she was always trying to figure out how thing worked, and why they did the things they do. Even when she was very little. I loved they way she loves to play and be a good friend.


Then we read, Rosie Revere, Engineer.

The assignment is to bring your favorite picture book and read it to the class. Mirah could have read it, but I did it. MAYBE I cried, no one will ever know for sure.

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