Lucas Lately: Dino Cup

With cold weather days fully upon us we have been spending our days together doing lots of random stuff. Mostly errands and cleaning, but when we are lucky and the stars a line, we go to Thanksgiving Point to a museum.

Lucas wanted to go to the Dinosaur Museum, we even tried to get our buddy Landyn to tag along, but he was in SCHOOL. (Much to Lucas’s great sorrow)

We had a nice time though. We searched for gnomes, and Luke had a blast in the water room. He loves to get all kitted up in the aprons they have there. Then he loves to get his hands deep in the water and sand. His sleeves were soaked by the time we were done.


The highlight of that day however was after our trip through the museum, and into the Cafe. They had these funny cups on sale, and they were only $3! He had been so sad about Landyn not coming, that this little baby made him the happiest boy in the world.


Even now days later he is still carrying this thing around. He loves it so much.

Over the weekend the kids and I were looking at old pictures and I ran across these. HOW has he changed so much!? He is so grown up!

27400C9D-EB52-4D86-A40B-A5DBF2B27F45-11158-0000062E9F960898.jpg 262BF9C0-C84A-44E4-9324-DCAD2732C53F-11158-0000062ED3CD4440.jpg ED78515C-E8EB-4838-96B3-80821E7ABB70-11158-0000062EEA774BDD.jpg

These girls too!!!




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