Simon Simon Simon

I know he’s not mine, but I love him so so much. It’s been so fun to get lots of lovely pictures of him.

I will cool it eventually, but he is just so cool:


But every picture can’t be a winner.


Here he is wearing the hat the Belle got for me and gave to me at my baby shower. I gave it back to her, and it is still to big for baby Simon.

IMG_9082.jpeg IMG_6150.JPG

Lucas wearing this hat on Halloween, when he was 3 months old:

Back to Simon:

He had to have hisĀ frenulum cut to help with breast feeding. The procedure went well. Poor guy.


Got another diaper from us. This one was from Mirah.


But things are settling in.


I get to enjoy pictures from Belle on Marco Polo.

IMG_6162.PNG IMG_6163.PNG

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