Mirah Update: The Secret Code Game and Sick Snow Days

It was another long and weird weekend. Karl and I went out and saw a movie on Friday night, but by the time we got home we were both feeling really tired and sick.

Cut to the next morning. Both of us were feeling really bad, but Karl maybe worse. I had a baptism to photograph, and Mirah had actually been especially invited. It was her friend Elsie’s big day.

IMG_9594.JPG IMG_9595.JPG

Here is the note she wrote her for her baptism book.


Sunday was a blur, and even though we did make it to church, that was about it. We were both really sick. Karl, who missed church and stayed in bed all day, we up periodically while I napped in the afternoon.

It was Groundhog Day, again, and we spend the evening watching the movie and eating the wings we had prepped late the night before. We were supposed to go to Malia’s house for a Super Bowl party. We missed it.

As we were getting in bed that night we were warned that there would probably be a snow day the next day.

Karl stayed home on Monday, still being very sick.

We spent most of the day in bed. Mirah looks tired, but she wasn’t really sick.


I passed out. I came down around lunch time. Karl had taken Lucas to and from school. I had slept. He laid on the couch downstairs, too tired to move much. He told he this story:

Mirah had made a game!

Here is a little breakdown of the game:

The game was called Secret Code. She made all of the pieces. Karl was given a group of “code” words, hidden, to choose from. Mirah picked one too. They didn’t know which word the other had.


They each had six clue papers to fill out.


Karl got the word “car.” Mirah got the word “cat.”


Karl is a grown up, his clues were direct, and clear. Mirah is seven, her clues were funny, and unhelpful.


My favorite clue she gave for cat was “it somtimes sings a song” or “it has green eyes.” Karl guessed a dog, and when Mirah said “close” and when he got the “green eyes” clue he said, “a dog with green eyes?”

Mirah filled out her pre-made sheet (below) sheet as they revealed each clue.


He protested at her rules and they had a lot of laughs about the whole thing.


They were even able to remix their answers to create what they decided was a Cat Bus:


Lucas ran in and it soon devolved into screaming and running from Nerf guns.



This kid, she loves her dad. Even when he is sick, he is so much fun.


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