Lucas Update: LUCAS can READ!!!!!

This child. My son. I just love him so much. He is just growing up so fast, and some really great things are happening with him right now.

So-he is 4 years 7 months old.


He is not loving church right now. He is my little home body, and he just wants to stay home. BUT it’s not just church, it school, dinner, the museum, friends houses…yeah, he just hates getting ready and getting going, and he hate transitions. Trying to get him to realize that he loves museums, church, school, and friend’s houses. So when we get ready for church or whatever, I remind him about all the things he loves about it, i.e. being with friends, singing primary songs, feeling the spirit, his teachers, holding mom’s hand during sacrament meeting etc. Then I remind him why we go, i.e. learning about God and Jesus, connecting with our community, serving each other, feeling the spirit, and receiving revelation for ourselves and families.

Sacrament meeting he loves to sit on my lap and give me hugs and kisses. He loves to color with mom, and hold my hand. He will take my face in his hands and give me a big kiss on the mouth.

These little talks always seem to help him get going. And he has been doing really well in church.

He gave his FIRST talk in Primary this week too!! He did such a good job!

Here he is below helping during music time. We were learning “I love to see the temple, and he was drawing “the house of God” he was SO cute. He took his time, was careful and deliberate with each line. It was SO cute and sweet to see how seriously he was taking this assignment.


Hair Cuts:

We got hair cuts this week, here is his before. He looked SO good.


When we got home from hair cuts, and his Primary teacher brought him some skittles to tell him how much she loved his talk on Sunday. He was SO stoked.

This picture below, early the next morning, where he came in eating them. This picture is actually pretty telling. He had been consequenced for hitting and yelling at his sister, all of his bedtime toys, that are on my dresser behind him.



Getting Dressed:

He is going through a shirtless phase right now. He keeps just taking off his shirt.



Malia’s Visit:

Lucas LOVES his auntie Malia. He loves to hold her hand while we are out together and here he climbed up onto the couch to sit with her.


His Birthday Plans:

Lucas recently found out that his astrological sign was a crab. Now his has decided that he wants a crab birthday party. He wants to buy one of these live crabs from the asian market, and make it for his birthday, and have crab decorations, and go fishing and camping and eat the fish.




Lucas is fully reading these days. The upstart program has been so great for him, and we are so happy with his progress. My little smarty pants.


Lets watch him go:

While making dinner the other night, I was cutting veggies at the counter, and he climbed up onto my lap, and started taking pictures of himself with my phone.



Lucas is my eater. He LOVES french fries. BUT he also loves fruits and veggies. We got these Goose berries, (or as he calls them duck berries) from Trader Joes, and he loves them. They are sour and sticky and yummy. His favorite “soup” right now is spaghetti O’s. Also, any veggies is better with ranch dip.


This child is a JOY right now.

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