Family Date Night: Sonic the Hedgehog and Pizza

This month we did awesome at achieving our family goal, of a family date night once a month. Something a little bigger than a normal little pizza night in.

We went to see Sonic the Hedgehog. Now, for later context for my children, this is a video game that I played when I was about 10. I loved it. There were several later incarnations that I also played and loved.

This new movie was overshadowed by bad CG in early marketing where sonic looked really bad. After a HUGE revamp, this new one came out with Sonic’s new look. The reviews were good, and Krysta and Karen saw it and had a really great time. Lucas was so excited to go since he played a version of the game on his tablet.


We went on Friday night, and the kids had a blast, Lucas LOVED it. Mirah said that she wasn’t excited to see it, but ended up really enjoying it. So basically a rave from both of them. Lucas left the theater running. He ran around the theater halls yelling, “ZOOM!!” I called after him, “Hey Sonic, wait for me!!” He stopped came back and said, “MOM!! I’m not Sonic, I am just running fast like him! I am SO fast.”

Getting him to clam down and not run into the road was to hold him tight against myself.

We walked over to Terra Mia, and had a great pasta dinner with burcetta and pizza.


A wonderful night together. I love this family!! Also, Lucas was being a “super cool guy” when he did this pose. (Clapping my hand to my face.)

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