Chelsea and Simon: Day 2

During Belle’s morning nap, Simon and I had a nice time together.


I got a toy for him to play with, but he fell asleep!!



SO, I wrapped him up and watched Willow.


Chelsea thought that I was hilarious trying to get him to play with a toy, but it was just another way to interact with him. I was putting on a silly face here.


He was also totally asleep.


How can I be SO cure a rabbit wants to murder me?


After his dinner time feed, I made Belle get out of the house. She needed to be alone for a minute, and I was perfectly happy to stay with Simon. She ended up visiting a friend, and going to Mc Donalds.

I will take this moment to say that Chelsea is SUCH a great mom. She loves him SO much, and she is so incredibly dedicated to make breast feeding work. She has had some REAL difficulties especially with her Raynauds, and she has done SUCH an incredible job. She has been in constant pain, has had struggles with her milk supply, has met with lactation consultants, and doctors to make sure he is having his best chances at all the best things. It has been an honor to behold. Really, she is such a great mom. I am just so proud of her.

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