Chelsea and Simon: Day 3

Morning time!! Means Simon time!

Belle put him in her crab outfit, just for me. Lucas is in a Crab phase, and has asked for a crab birthday party. So we got him all dressed in this.



Unfortunately moments after this picture was taken, he peed on both of us, I mean soaked. So both my dress and his cute crab sleeper had to be washed.

His sweet mama had a shower, and I got us all cleaned up. She got in some snuggles:


Ruby had been visiting a friend with a big back yard most of my visit. But today she was with us! And she was VISUALLY board!



So late in the afternoon we took her to the dog park!

It was a nice day, and the dogs were all very interested in Belle’s boobs, especially this little beagle.


I got to hold Simon, on his first outing in a bjorn, AND at the dog park!



After our big outing, we were all pretty beat. Simon was hungery and fussy when we got home, so a feeding, and changing, and wrap up later, he was all fixed and ready for a nap.


Dinner time came. We watched 30 Rock’s “Leap Day Williams” show, it was wonderful.


I also tried another toy with Simon, and I think he actually really likes it.


Its a crinkle book, he loves to kick and make it make sounds.


Belle was settled for a while, and I wanted to go and get a hot dog from the Dog House.


It is only a few blocks from their house. It was…NOT great.


Late that night, I picked Adam up from the SUN port, Belle was SO happy to have him home again.

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