Harry Potter: The Day Has Finally Come.

Let me tell you about Harry Potter, and me. The Books were first published when I was in High School. Honestly, my little sisters started reading books 1-3 before I did. However, by the time the 4th book came out, I was hooked. I remember I was working at a book store called the Book Nook in downtown El Centro when it came out. I had a copy for myself resvered. BUT the day it came out I flew to Utah from San Diego to go to EFY. I bought a copy from a vendor, just sitting there with no line. I knew lots of people, inculding my sisters, who sat in a midnight line, to get their copies.

I saw the first movie at midnight with my first college roomate Rachel and our FHE brohters.

I remember reading #7 with Karl when it first came out in our first appartment.

I watched all the movies as they came out and stanted in many lines for movies.

It holds a special place in my heart, and I honestly just love the books. Like everyone.

When I found out that Lucas was due on July 31st, HARRY POTTER’s (AND J.K. Rowllying’s) acutal birthday, I made him this onsie. He was born a few weeks early, so I photographed him in it on the due date. 🙂


Belle sent me this one of SIMON in it too!!


SO when the time had come, that I could read it to them, it is not overstating that it is literally a dream come true. It is something that I have been looking forward to for YEARS.

I have been buying the Illistrated verisions of the books as they have come out. And they are so great. They bring me back to the time before the movies, and remind me of what things looked like to me before Warner Brothers told me what to think. Here are a few of my favorite images from the first book:



So far the kids, OF COURSE, love it. It has been SO much fun. We stay up late reading together often, and it has been such a blast hearing Mirah theorize about what she thinks things mean or what is going to happen.

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