COVID-19: It Begins

Tuesday night, Mirah was looking a little peaky. She had a runny nose and just seemed a little run down. The next Morning, Wednesday March 11th, Mirah still had a runny nose. The general atmosphese had gotten a little tense so I thought even though she only had a runny nose, I ought to keep her home. I had to take her to a doctors appointment with me after we dropped Lucas off at school. She and I had a nice quiet morning together.



That morning we got a couple of me notices from the church. General conference was now going to be only general officers and their spouces. THEN another immidatley afterwards that said, CHURCH WAS CANCELED.

IMG_6969.PNG IMG_6970.PNG

After I picked up Lucas from school I went to Costco to get our presctiptions filled. It was the longest line at the pharmacy I had ever endured. The kids were making me nuts.


By Friday, school was canceled. By Friday afternoon, Karl was sent home-yes Qualtircs sent everyone home to work remotely.

IMG_6979.JPG IMG_6980.JPG

And so it began. Mark it down. The last time the kids went to the store was March 11th. The last day Mirah and Lucas went to school was Wednesday March 11th. The last time Karl was at work was YEP, Friday the 13th of March.

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