Dane and Lucas

My dear friend Devanie has moved into town. It means so many wonderful things for me and my kids. One of the best things?
We can babysit for eachother during the day so we can each volunteer for our respective children’s classes!  My first time was this week!
Devo’s son Dane and Lucas were not exactly FAST friends, but they were at least kind of friendly.
We met up with them at rock canyon park. And Dev left.
Sweet Dane was hesitant at first.


Lucas was just excited to be on a slide!


Diaper weggie.

And he was off again.

I tried to show Devo that we were having a blast.  I sent her lots of pics while we were together.

She is such a good mom, she always had so many snacks for her kids. I figured we had just had breakfast when we left to meet them, so I didn’t bring any. Lucas wanted Dane to share his snacks.

Dane wasn’t super into it at first.

BUT- he had a change of heart after Lucas begged and begged.

Luke thought that his he sideled right next to Dane, maybe he would be more willing to share his sweet potato chips.





He wasn’t convinced. And ended up dumping the rest of them on the ground to avoid sharing. Oh my goodness I was cracking up!

Luckily with 2 year olds, “out of sight out of mind” was pretty much a rule and they went on playing after this.


But with all the snacks gone, poor Dane felt desperate for his missing mother.

Lucas stayed close by being a real bro.

You can tell he, Lucas, didn’t really get what was going on, but he wanted to be near his new buddy in his time of stress.

We took a video to show his mom. We tried to distract him, but it wasn’t working.

We got into the car, which helped calm him down, because I think it made him think we were leaving to go to his mom.

She did arrive, and he was RELIEVED.

All and all a pretty fun play date.

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