First Soccer Game

The day of Mirah’s first soccer game had finally arrived. We had done some practicing, and some kicking, and we were just so excited to get to the games.
We got a text from her coach! 

We got her all dressed up in her uniform, and I think that I was more excited than Mirah. You can see it on my face, also by the number of pictures that will be in this post.  Everything was perfect.

Well, everything except the air quality.  The inversion was TERRIBLE that day. The worst I have seen in memory.

This was our view drving down to Lakeside Park where her game would be held.

Karl had scouts that night, so he wasn’t there to help me get the kids, the chairs, and all of our stuff to the field. BUT we made it!

Lucas was excited to be on the field and have his snack.

Mirah’s coach and teammates.

Yeah, the air is so bad, you can hardly see the mountains!

MIRAH is number 9 BTW.

Here with a team mate, checking out the goal.

We got so excited to get to the game, we hadn’t had dinner. So we loaded up on snacks while we waited for it to start.

And the game began! Lucas and I sitting together, cheering Mirah on.


Soon enough, Karl arrived.

Mirah was all over the feild! She ran and fell, and kicked and jumped!

And fell.

Here she is with her coach!!

Coach Thomas!!

She was having a blast.

It was during this game the girls gave themselves a name!

A name as fierce as they are!

The Purple Sharks!

Their fierce competition, the Blue Team.

Some of the girls were better than others.

But everyone was having fun! GO Mirah!



 Lets watch some live action!
 Lets take a quick break from the game to check out these two cuties.
 Karl and Lucas love eachother so much. Almost as much as Lucas LOVES to laugh. Like he LOVES to laugh.

No one makes him laugh like his dad.

They are just so cute, I had to post every picture.
Ok, then a video, because his laugh is so amazing.
It was around this time that Mirah came out to have a little break.

One more round of goals!

And it was time for the game to be over!

And we won!  Well, everyone won, because everyone is a winner when they play fair and have fun!

Mirah’s first good game line. It was hilarious, because none of them had done it before and they we just milling around with Adults trying to get them to high five each other.

Team picture!

No one told Lucas players only.


The next day we had Practice.

It was a serious evening of drills.

These cuties.

Coach Thomas was having a tough time motivating them.

They were still pretty tuckered out from the game.

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