Unexpected Outing with Krysta and Zac

So my dear friend Krysta is out of town. It has been really hard when I have grown accustom to a certain lifestyle. One where I can hug her whenever I want, and where she is just a short walk away. 🙁
BUT she was in town this week, and we were able to spend the better part of Saturday morning with her. One of the best parts of being friends with her is that it one of those sweet package deals. You know, three for the price of one. Meaning, when we get Krysta, we also get Zac and Karen!
We went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast joint, Guru’s. 
It is so crazy to me how big Karen is getting. She is a GIANT next to Mirah. Mirah didn’t seem to mind.

Krysta and Zac

Zac with his bottled soda.

Karen with her eggs, bacon, and toast.

I love their blue berry pancakes. I just love them.

We sat and caught up through breakfast. Zac told us about a failed attempt to go to the movies the day before because a this new seating policy at the Provo movie theatre.
It was through this conversation we decided to go to see Wreck it Ralph together.
 We ventured out, and went ahead and gambled with Mirah. Yes, we took her to her first movie at the tender age of 6 months.
How did she do?
AWESOMELY! We were able to rationalize that it was the first showing of the day and a kids movie. Additionally, once we got there we discovered the theater was already FULL of little kids, and I think that I counted something like 5 other babies Mirah’s age in the theater. She slept through about 3/4 of the movie, and when she woke up at the end, she was happy to watch the bright colors flash across the screen. We of course will not be making this a habit, but it was so much fun.

We parted ways after the movie. When will we see each other again? No one can say. 

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