MIrah’s 8th Birthday: Good Morning!

Mirah’s birthday morning started with a bang.

She woke up early, crawled into be with me, and I told her the story of her birth. About the NICU. About it all. With the help of my blog of course.

She got dressed in her birthday outfit, and we headed downstairs.

We had her pile of presents and balloons tied to her favorite candies waiting for her in the front room.


Then I told her to look outside:


We had ordered a big birthday lawn sign, with financial help from Grandma and Grandpa Pippy and Aunt Landy.


As we were finishing the big reveal, Lucas woke up, and was shocked. He loved it almost more than Mirah.


He and I went in, and had a hard talk. I told him I knew how hard it was that Mirah was going to get lots of attention and presents today. BUT not to worry, his birthday was just a little over a month away, and he would have his own special day soon. He’s 4, so it was hard. But spoiler alert, he did really well despite Mirah getting so much special attention.

Back inside.


We did another birthday tradition, ONE gift in the morning.

She picked her Grandparents Gifts. Grandma and Grandpa Hite got her a RBG T-shirt and RBG sign to hang in her room. We are going to frame it.


Sweet Lucas. Holding his doggies.


It was still SO early, and Dad was still in bed, so I let her open another one, The box set of the Babysitter’s Club graphic novels.


She was stoked.

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