MIrah’s 8th Birthday: Chinese Book of Mormon

Soon after opening gifts, a very special gift arrived at the house in the form of Kristin Beckstead! She came to take a picture in front of Mirah’s sign, and to bring her gifts from the Primary.


She dropped the gift in a bag, then let Mirah come pick it up.


It was a Book of Mormon in Mandarin. Complete with her name embossed on the front cover.


The story of how it was acquired is a good one. As a gift to the Primary children, the ward gives them a copy of the Book of Mormon with their name on it. We just got Mirah her very own leather copy of the scriptures. So, thinking that distribution would easily have a copy in Mandarin, have them, I asked Kristin if Mirah could have one in Mandarin instead. Mirah’s Mandarin has been getting better, so I thought it would be fun for her to get a book she is familiar with in her second language. BUT, none of our local distribution centers had a copy.  Now, if it were me, I would have stopped there, but no Kristin. She called the local missionaries to see if they could get a copy. Two days later after a trip to the mission home, they brought her the book.

Kristin gave it to Sydney, who to took it to Deseret Book, and had it embossed. Just in time to get it to Mirah first thing in the morning on her birthday. And that is just the kind of friend Kristin is.

Also one who would want to have a spin with a girl in a great birthday dress.


I was of course in tears. Second time of the day.


First was when I told Mirah about the day she was born.

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